How to Write - Publish & Market INSTRUCTION CLICK ON COURSE 

Online classes are being developed right now. 

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  1. Writer beware! The pitfalls of self publishing! Why your booked doesn’t sell!
  2. Are you a panster or plotter? Let’s get the ARC of your story done! 
  3. Tired of your books in hyperspace without any profit? Let us show you how digital marketing can help you earn a living from your writing.
  4. How to develop multi dimensional characters that readers connect with!
  5. Industry standard editing from copy to grammar to content.
  6. How to develop your social media platform to work for you.
  7. Ins and Outs of Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts, Youtube, and others.
  8. What does an Agent, Editor, and Publisher want from you.
  9. Creating an exceptional media kit with press releases, pre-launch packets and how to get your book in the book sellers!
  10. How to create a KILLER publishing kit including a synopsis, query, book proposal and industry-standard manuscript guidelines.
  11. One on one in-depth story building for your work in progress.

Most authors have to search long and hard for these classes and pay thousands of dollars, but not here at Easton Books, Inc.  We're here to help YOU succeed.