Pre-ORDER Jesus Christ in the Business World


JESUS CHRIST in the Business World, written by Ignatius Fernandez, is one of its

kind, and is a must read for all who seek genuine leadership in the world of business.

ere is no better model in leadership than JESUS; the author makes that clear. —

James Manning – James the Watchman, Minister, Author, Tampa, Florida.

A group of managers discovers Jesus Christ, as presented in the four Gospels,

through the principles he taught to help the business world. e author provides a

podium from which Jesus speaks, a landscape on which he ministers, and a forum

from which he listens. eir journey with Jesus is not a haphazard course of religious

expectations or demands. Quite the contrary, they nd an opportunity to assimilate

ideas from many schools of thought on management and leadership. — Dr. Wayne

Norton, Founder, and Executive Director - Hope for Your Day Ministries. Claremore,


From skilful deployment of the spectrum of leadership styles, only recently

re-discovered and re-articulated in the best sellers of today’s business gurus, through

to eective communications, marketing, teamwork, recruitment, delegation,

performance management and work-life balance, the book systematically reveals,

with meticulous reference to actual events recorded in the Gospels, just how far

JESUS CHRIST set the standards in these management elds and how much there

is to learn from his example. — Paul Sellers, former Director, British Council, London.

Among other reasons, it is the seemingly eortless ow of ideas and the logical

sequencing of chapters which make the book such an unusual synthesis of JESUS, the

historical person, and the dynamics of management for the current times - based on

the highest standards of eciency and ethical values alike. It is dicult to evaluate

which part of Mr. Fernandez’s book is more incisive – the extensive quotations from

the New Testament, which provide the basis for understanding JESUS as a

past-master in the art of human relations management, or the codication of the

attributes of the manager as a visionary, motivator, leader and change-agent. —

Professor S. Swaminathan, former Business Editor, e Hindu Newspaper, Chennai,


What we call business ethics is just a restatement of e Golden Rule that Jesus

taught, is my biggest takeaway from this short but powerful book. I highly

recommend it to both the business student and practitioner. — Edward Valenzuela,

Former Managing Director, Accenture LLC. Littleton, Colorado.

e strengths of the book are its introduction of the concept of 360-degree appraisal,

based on relationships, the eorts to show the relevance of JESUS as a manager in the

corporate world, and the adoption of a narrative

and discussion-mode, which makes the book easy

and interesting reading. — Louis Xavier s j.,

Former Director, Loyola Institute of Business

Administration (LIBA), Chennai, India.