One Way Out a Memoir by Cynthia Kirtley


“You’re going to kill me,” I heard myself cry out. It’s one in the morning and I am blindfolded and terrified.  I hear only the sound of my own heart beating.  My hands are now tied behind my back.  The needle he used to sedate me still hanging from the position in my arm.  The man I thought I loved now held me hostage.  I wondered if this was a dream, but it isn’t.  The sweaty stench of his debauchery fills the air. Hours pass and I am only able to remove my blindfold by moving my head maneuvering my body against the bed to allow it to slip off my head.  It my despair only one thought came to me.  “God where are you?” The hours of captivity changed my life far more than I ever thought it could. This is my story.