Rebecca Nietert

Speaker, Publisher, Author, Writing Coach Founder of NWTADFW and Lone Star Writer's Club

Author of Heart of Gold, Chasing Fairytales & Provocative Confessions

Rebecca Nietert is a Founder and C.E.O. of Easton-Books Small Press Publishing Company. She is a Bestselling Author, Mentor and Writing Coach for over 1,000+ authors. She is a Networking Influencer, and Publicist. Her expansive experience in the literary world has ignited her passion to help people acknowledge the power of words and how they can be used to create valuable relationships. 

In her unique presentation she reveals how body language and words elicit physiological changes in those we interact with. She explains how words are not only important; they can rob or mend a soul. She gives tools and educational content that completely change the way we approach our language. 

She tours the U.S. and abroad to speak about “Empowering Your Voice” as an inspirational keynote speaker. The goal is to help the collective group understand just because it’s said does not make it true. She inspires ownership and willingness to take personal responsibility when speaking, in actions and especially word choice. 

To speak directly with Rebecca Nietert please email her.

Jake Nightingale

Redefining Adversity

Forging Greatness out of Chaos 

Professional Development Consultant, Veteran, Writer, Musician, & Healing Advocate

Jacob Nightingale is a Human Behavior Analyst and Writer. He specializes in Professional and Private Development. He teaches his proprietary innovative approach to create unique solutions to interpersonal and processing ineffectiveness. 

He is uniquely specialized in finding the creative potential in chaos and adversity and turning that into greatness. With 20+ years of research and development of human behavior, he outlined actions that break through the ceiling of success. The difference is living life by design verses living by default.  His ability to provide relatable content to everyone is in his signature presentation.  

His never-been-done-before system not only reveals the challenges that stifle growth but limit an organization and its members from reaching full potential. He creates specialty tailored solutions to generate growth, unity, influence, and profitability.  Through this proven system, he is able to relate content derived from his expansive studies and turn them into real problem-solving solutions. 

His hands-on approach to victory over adversity resonates long after the event is over.  He leaves the executives with tools to establish for long-term stability.

To speak direct to Jacob Nightingale please email him.