Every person has their own story to tell. What happens is authors come to me and say, I don't know where to begin. I offer 15+ years of experience in this industry when I discuss the 12 step plot structure, the elements of the genre, the style one writes in, prose, syntax, passive voice and how to build the conflict or angst along the way. To have a great sellable product the ability to tell a great story is important. This proven and effective way of processing through the steps of book production is what Easton Books offers.   

To be completely transparent, my vast experience in the Literary Industry expands more than 15+ years. I have seen the changes, and fallen prey to the pitfalls. The lessons and knowledge I have obtained are of value to any author. From creating the arc of a story, including three-act structure, to cross-genre, to a multitude of publishing options, we are a one-stop resource for authors. Collectively, we include, encourage and inspire authors to create a living from their hard work. If this is something that you feel would be a great fit for you, please book my time today. Once you submit the hourly consult fee of $50.00 I will call you and set up a time that works for both of us to strategize in very relatable ways. I hope to be working with you soon. 


Why are you writing the book that you decided to write.  What is the goal after the book is created?  What do you hope to accomplish by writing your book?


What kinds of audience building are you comfortable with? Behind the scenes? Online? Are you hiring a media consultant? What's your branding?


You will need elements, arc, style, conflict, structure and goals for completion.  Once completed there are rules that allow books in booksellers. Cover design rules. 


We provide a step by step sweat equity marketing plan as well as a commercial online platform strategic approach to book sales. This is the time to create a budget.


We have several opportunities to connect with a substantial author and reader community to put your marketing campaign to work. 


Your job doesn't just end when a press release goes out.  We provide continuous encouragement and strategies to keep your work current. 

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