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Writing 101

Writing a novel isn't an easy task.  When you need information fast on how you can write an 80,000 word novel in less than one month, you need applicable information to not only inspire you, but give you usable tools to complete the project.  If you want to earn a living writing, this is the site for you.  We offer step by step concrete creative writing solutions both online and in person.  

Publishing 101

Now that your work is complete, you're looking to traditionally publish your work and get the respect that your work deserves. We are here to help you understand your options in this vast and changing industry.  If you're looking for someone to represent you, we help you with tools you need to land that perfect agent. Design your perfect publishing kit today!

Marketing 101

Your book is about to be released to the public.  You are anxious about how well your book will sell, or your book has been released and the sales are struggling. In the global digital economy, we have concrete and innovative concepts to get your book sales skyrocketing. From sphere of influence, to digital platforms, book now to learn how you can earn a living writing.